Barna Research – The New Sunday Morning

Barna have released some insights into the trends of church attendance during COVID-19. While there is nothing particularly surprising, it is useful to put some statistics against our current observations and experience: A couple of highlights I would want to draw out – around a third of respondents (32%) had not streamed any church […]

Who are we trying to reach?

When we are considering our approach, it’s easy to consider the people we know, the people who come to the Sunday service, week by week. However, there is a rising number of ‘nones’ in the religious landscape. This refers to people who choose ‘no religion’, ‘none of the above’ or ‘nothing in particular’ when faced […]

Research in Young People and their Faith

Research conducted in the US gives an insight into the thoughts and perceptions of young people and the church. The study, published in April 2020 and undertaken by the Springtide Research Institute, spoke to 1,000 young people, aged between 13-25, and found that overall they are a lonely generation. While it is true that, culturally, […]

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