Why did we start this project?

A side effect of the coronavirus, undoubtedly, is that lots of Christians are accessing fellowship and teaching online instead of from a local church building. This is brilliant, and has opened up opportunities for people to access a wide range of teaching, worship, fellowship, prayer and Holy inspiration that they would not otherwise have done.

It’s not brilliant that many people have suffered and continue to suffer from this virus, and my heart goes out to those people who are suffering in hospital without visitors, or who are struggling at home alone so that they don’t put others at risk.

However, we do know that our God will bring good from all that is designed to harm. I was inspired by Gavin and Anne Calver during the recent Spring Harvest @ Home teaching session (16/04/2020) when Gavin highlighted that the currently scattered church will bear fruit because that’s how God works.

But let’s be honest, where some churches and organisations have taken this and provided some excellent, high quality resources, many many local churches just don’t have the expertise or resources to be able to take advantage in the same way.

That’s where we want to help fill the gap. Over the coming weeks, we will be posting videos and help guides to inspire churches to think about how we can use the digital resources to share our faith.

I know that God is working during this time, just as He always has, and we can follow the Spirit to bring the Gospel to those around us.

God bless!
Rose Lanigan
20th April 2020

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