Research in Young People and their Faith

Research conducted in the US gives an insight into the thoughts and perceptions of young people and the church. The study, published in April 2020 and undertaken by the Springtide Research Institute, spoke to 1,000 young people, aged between 13-25, and found that overall they are a lonely generation.

While it is true that, culturally, there are many differences between the US and the UK, it is worth noting the similarities. The research highlighted that young people are look for relationships and a place of belonging.

In the context of online and digital tools, key is to focus on opportunities for young people to belong rather than participate. In addition, it presents the solution as a very personal:

Simply put, you are the solution. The presence of just one trusted adult in the life of a young person cuts severe isolation in half. Building this sense of true belonging in young people is a process you can easily weave into your work with them.

Belonging: Reconnecting America’s Loneliest Generation, Springtide Research Institute

Crux offer a summary of the key points if you don’t want to invest the $30 to purchase the book.

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