Services and Pricing

Our main services include:

  • Audio Visual design and support
  • Adapting a Church for a basic live stream environment
  • Upgrading live streams to a high quality worthy of the liturgy or service
  • Helping to incorporate music into online media and live streams
  • Live streams in an open Church with social distancing
  • Offering training and support to understand the tools available and make good choices
  • Websites and digital communication with parishioners and the local community
  • Databases for individual churches or for a network of churches
  • Technical IT support

The cost will vary according to what you need, but this is an indication of costs:

  • A phone call or video call for advice and support is free
  • One day’s training is £200 plus fuel/travel costs
  • Your own database is a one-off fee of £1,000 to install, import any existing data (e.g. spreadsheets or email lists) and training
  • One day on-site to set up equipment, test your set-up and training is £200 plus fuel/travel costs

Ultimately, if you have a small budget but need help, call us and we can discuss what is a good fit. We appreciate that income is lower than usual and we are keen to help.

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