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Barna Research – The New Sunday Morning

Barna have released some insights into the trends of church attendance during COVID-19. While there is nothing particularly surprising, it is useful to put some statistics against our current observations and experience:

A couple of highlights I would want to draw out – around a third of respondents (32%) had not streamed any church service in the previous four weeks, and this rises to 50% of Millennials. Secondly, nearly a fifth of Christians who are not currently attending services say they ‘feel bored all the time’ and over 10% ‘feel insecure for at least some of the day’.

On the other hand, over half of the respondents (53%) are still attending their regular church services online, and the remaining 14% have attended a different church’s service instead of their regular church.

One note to consider about the respondents, however, is that the number of responses from the eldest group was too small to be included in the report, but this group makes up over one half of the practising Christian population in the US, and the numbers are likely to be very similar in the UK.

A webcast discussion was posted about a month ago discussing this data, ‘Caring for Souls in a New Reality’:

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