Barna Research – The New Sunday Morning

Barna have released some insights into the trends of church attendance during COVID-19. While there is nothing particularly surprising, it is useful to put some statistics against our current observations and experience: A couple of highlights I would want to draw out – around a third of respondents (32%) had not streamed any church […]

How to Share the Gospel, even during Lockdown!

I came across this short video from Roger Carswell who seems to have endless ideas for sharing the Gospel and the lockdown certainly hasn’t stopped him! Worth watching simply just to share his enthusiasm for sharing the Gospel. His main theme is that we can still write and phone during this time and thank people […]

What does evangelisation have to do with ‘new media’?

Many times on this site, I have alluding to opportunities to evangelise, despite the focus on this site on digital tools and online media. If you are wondering why this is the case, Fr Mike Schmitz makes a good case for how these things are connected. The main thread that pulls these things together is […]

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