Lessons Learned From COVID-19

Evangelisation in Catholicism has inspired thousands to go out and make disciples, as the idea of following Jesus’ example has increased in popularity in recent times. COVID-19 has motivated many to preach from the comfort of our own homes, but it’s also helped us to see what we may not have been able to grasp without such a situation.

Dan Wolff, in this article, delves into the following points in more detail, as well as the lessons we were ‘tricked’ into learning.

Discern unmet needs

The virus has managed to encourage parishes to make more of an effort to discern the unmet needs of those around them. The Catholic Church has often held fast to traditional methods of reaching out, but it’s becoming more obvious that people’s needs change as society evolves.

Use technology

The use of technology is not common in older generations. However, COVID-19 has meant that Mass cannot continue as normal, and so parishes have had to improvise to cater to the needs of faithful mass-goers; streaming, conference calls, and social media are becoming more popular with the elderly as the need for tech increases.

Brainstorm and innovate

Whilst nobody is saying that the church must completely change to encompass modern practices, there’s no harm in approaching evangelisation with different tolls and methods, with the intent to deliver fruitful ministry during and after COVID-19. Asking ourselves how we think it would be most effective to evangelise today; bringing the Gospel to people around the world using the tools we have readily available.

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