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Living out the ‘Domestic Church’

The reality of the corona virus for many families is that there is an increased focus on the parents to provide faith formation and opportunities to experience faith at home, since we don’t have the usual routines, such as going to weekly Mass or daily prayer in school.

The Diocese of Pueblo has brought together a useful list of resources specifically for families and encouragement for parents as they try to build up their church in the home.

I will admit that this has always been a challenge for me, as a parent of two children, currently aged 8 and 15. My faith is personal, and yet I must model it clearly and authentically to my children. I have often struggled with structured prayers out loud as they get older, since my personal prayer life tends to focus on praying either very slowly, meditating line by line, or as a personal conversation with Jesus. Both of which are harder to lead with kids.

However, I often talk about my faith and I know that this also has an impact on my children. There’s no doubt that they know I live and breathe my faith, albeit imperfectly, but it’s alive and active faith that influences my decision making and lifestyle choices.

I also tend to have visual cues around the house, e.g. pictures, a cross, a Bible on the table, some scripture on my lightbox. These all help to create an atmosphere of faith in the home.

I don’t think there is a ‘right’ answer, but I would always encourage you to do what feels right, for you as kids will quickly pick up if you are uncertain. Whatever you do, however small, it is definitely worth it, and each small step makes the next one easier!

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