The Cooking Priest in India

A priest in India named Father Warner D’Souza has a YouTube channel with over 6,800 subscribers, and his video ‘Food for the soul‘ became even more popular, gaining over 9,300 views. His passion for food began when he was a child, and being a Priest has not stopped him from sharing his love for the culinary arts with the rest of the internet.

Crux has an article talking about the multiple videos D’Souza has done on Food for the soul, and the urge he has to spread his faith through a common interest; he tells them “people wand food recipes and I want to share Jesus”.

D’Souza has been evangelising in this way for around four years. COVID-19 has brought more and more people to his videos, meaning that his message is being spread to more and more people who need it the most during this period of quarantine.

He’s given out over 300 food packets to those in need in a large community (including Hindus and Muslims), as nobody should be alone right now:

Since the first day of the pandemic we have made sure none of our parishioners, many who live in the shanties, have been in need.

Fr Warner D’Souza
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