Sound of Your Love – Connecting Family

Michelle Brock is the co-creator of a project called Sound of Your Love; a service that brings families together when they can’t be face-to-face in this pandemic. Today, even if your loved ones aren’t suffering from coronavirus, it’s next to impossible to see them in hospitals; restrictions due to health risks are high, so she decided to produce a resource that would allow messages to be sent to those in health centres.

The idea is that messages can be compiled into one ‘soundtrack of love’, which can be accessed at a single tap. This makes it easier for old and feeble patients to hear how loved they are from the relative comfort of their bed, and caretakers or medical professionals can easily identify the one message, rather than lots of individual ones from various family members.

Christianity Today wrote an interesting article about how Christians are ‘hacking’ in order to help their loved ones and others who encounter the same problems. It speaks about how Brock’s grandmother’s passing prompted her to create Sound of Your Love, combining faith and technology in a ‘hackathon‘, and the motivation for her to help those too weak to hold a phone up for facetime calls.

It also speaks about Jefferson Bethke’s public spreadsheet that aims to connect those in need with financial aid from generous strangers. Bethke’s methods helped over 700 people and inspired other acts of kindness from those who weren’t comfortable gifting money. After the success of this project, he joined Christine Caine, Ann Voskamp, Esther Havens, and Jessica Kim in founding Show Up Now; a social outreach service that aims to encourage generosity and prayer.

Other campaigns and projects are detailed in the article, along with the idea of Christianity intertwining with technology. It explains how there are many websites and apps that aim to motivate Christians to help people around them during COVID-19.

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