Offer the Gift of Listening

In a Catholic Weekly article, Simcha Fisher talks about her interviews, and how easily people will talk to someone if they’re willing to listen.

“Most people want to talk, and if you ask them to, they will.”

Many people have experiences that they need to talk to people about, and yet a common response is arguing about the meaning of what they’re going through, as if they’re not allowed to just be consolidated without reason. COVID-19 is making it harder every day to reach out to other people; even if a friend is willing, it can be hard to ask.

People want to talk. They want to be listened to, and if nobody is there to fill that role then it can become a mental burden. There’s a likely chance that that homeless man on the corner doesn’t have many friends to go to, or a stranger across the road wishes they weren’t so alone.

Christ listened to people when he was here on earth, and he listens to our prayers too, even if it doesn’t feel the same; so it should be our duty to be there for those around us and to make time for our friends and family. Offer the gift of listening to your loved ones, as it’s the least you can do.

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