Hope- Pete Greig

Pete Greig talks about how ‘Something is stirring in the UK.’

In this post, Greig says that prays are being answered; ones that had long been forgotten, and ones that are truly needed in this time of isolation. He speaks of a prayer surge, where, according to research commissioned by Tearfund and released in May 2020, over 3 million new people have turned to prayer. Whilst he acknowledges that this isn’t an answer to every question, it may be a start.

The Tearfund survey also suggests that record numbers have been attending live streams of masses and online services since quarantine began, and the media have picked up on this too.

It indicated that a nationwide existential crisis has inspired faith, or curiosity, and this has lead to more young people taking an interest in these masses too; perhaps this is the beginning of a new age of faith and spiritual awakening in these generations.

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