Gaming and Faith

OK, so there are lots of tried and tested methods in evangelisation, including small groups, street evangelisation, leaflets, websites and more. But what are our young people spending a lot of their time doing? Social Media? Got that covered. Gaming? How do we use that as an opportunity to evangelise?

Father Beau has recently started a YouTube channel playing online games, like many popular YouTubers, in order to provide a space for people to follow his gaming while also meeting them where they are.

And it turns out there are many more groups who use their common love of games and game culture to talk about their faith.

Love Thy Nerd (LTN) introduces their mission as follows:

At LTN we love nerds. In fact, we’re nerds ourselves. We also love Jesus and believe in what he asked us to do: love our neighbors. Whether you are a gamer, a Trekkie, a comic nerd, a Whovian, an otaku, a brony, a roleplayer, a LARPer, or any other flavor of nerd, we think you are valuable and wonderful. Unfortunately, Christians haven’t always done a great job of loving their nerdy neighbors. We want to change that.

LTN wants to speak redemption, hope, truth, and love into the parts of nerd culture that have often been alienated, demonized, dismissed, or simply ignored by Christians. We also want to educate Christians on the value of nerd culture and how we can love our nerdy neighbors better.

These are great examples of reaching out to people and meeting them where they are, rather than using our own position as the starting point for evangelisation.

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