Alpha and Sycamore

Sycamore is a new resource to help discuss, share and explore ideas, and aims to help people start to consider their faith, using videos to provide insight into the importance of Mass and the questions they may have. Alpha is similar; a video series to help beginners explore Christianity and their faith.

However, they’re intended for slightly different audiences, and have different goals. Whilst Alpha starts with the basics, not expecting any prior knowledge, Sycamore is for those who already have some knowledge of the church, and are coming from a place of curiosity. Alpha guides its users through the rudimentary parts of religion, and Sycamore builds on the foundation already present.

Alpha Online is a further development, as Covid-19 has meant that in-person discussions are not possible. This new format has led to thousands of people still being able to grow in their faith, despite the isolation that quarantine has forced upon us.

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